MLS Laser Therapy Patient Success Stories

Some of our patients have been gracious enough to share their stories with MLS Laser Therapy and Restore Wellness Laser Therapy! 

(some of the following testimonials are from other clinics that offer MLS Laser Therapy)

“Before I came in to have MLS Laser Therapy I was dealing with a terrible Sciatic Pain issue. I could hardly walk and was in pain all the time for about 2 ½ years. Once I heard about MLS Laser Therapy I decided to try it out and I couldn’t be happier! I have finished my treatment program and am free of pain! I recommend this treatment to anyone dealing with pain because its safe and I haven’t had any side effects!” -Patricia

“When Doc presented what I thought was a great presentation on how effective these treatments could be I was a little skeptical. Although I was skeptical I needed to do something about the constant pain in my shoulder because it started really affecting my everyday life. I found out that the Doc spoke the truth! It works! My shoulder pain has stopped completely and it has only been 5 treatments!” -Mike

“I was extremely uncomfortable on a daily basis in my low back for 18 years and my thumb for 1 year. When Doc told me about MLS Laser Therapy I was all for it because of my faith in her. The results have been phenomenal! I have absolutely no pain in my back when it used to be 9 out of 10 in pain all the time in only 4 treatments! The best part is that it has been over a month and my pain continues to be non-existent, and this includes a 22 hour car ride to Florida, when last time I went to Florida in a car I had to stop every 3 hours to stretch my back and walk around!” -Ben

"I was in pain all the time and was told by my regular doctor my pain would never go away. I was even rejected for surgery by my doctor because she said nothing could ever help me. I received the flyer in the mail about MLS Laser Therapy and decided to give it a try. Since doing the treatments I reached my goal of being able to sleep the through the night with no pain and way beyond! My knee is 90% better from what it was before and I am able to walk up and down stairs with ease!" -Lucy

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